The Quantum Conundrum

A Bluesci article by Peter Mattsson about Quantum Mechanics, Einstein and the EPR paradox

Quantum Cryptography

An introduction to the exploitation of quantum mechanics for perfectly secure communication. By Artur Ekert.

What are Quantum Computers?

What is a Quantum Computer? How powerful is it? Can we build one?

Cryptography and Relativity

Cryptography can help with problems of trust. Instead of trusting other people involved, you need only check that the code does what it's supposed to do, and this can (sometimes) be proved.

Quantum Entanglement

An introduction to the phenomenon of quantum entanglement, which quantum computers would exploit to achieve their superiority over ordinary 'classical' computers. By Leah Henderson and Vlatko Vedral

General NanoComputing

A brief overview of the evolution of computing toward the "nanometre" scale where quantum mechanics may be exploited. By Simon Benjamin and Artur Ekert.

Quantum Communication

A short introduction to quantum information, including "teleportation". By David Deutsch and Artur Ekert.

History of Cryptography

A brief history of classical (i.e. not quantum) cryptography.

Basic Science

Quantum Computing

A short introduction to quantum computation by A. Barenco, A.Ekert, A. Sanpera and C.Machiavello from La Recherche, November 1996.

Undergraduate Level

Lectures on Quantum Computation

Lectures on Quantum Computation, Les Houches summer school 1999, by Artur Ekert, Patrick Hayden and Hitoshi Inamori (lecture notes, Postscript file)

Physicists Triumph at Guess My Number

A popular article about the reduction of communication complexity with the nonlocal correlations of quantum mechanics. By Andrew Steane and Wim van Dam.

Quantum Error Correction

An introduction to the principle of correcting quantum information without direct measurement (and consequent wavefunction collapse). By Andrew Steane

Quantum Cryptoanalysis - Introduction

An introduction to why quantum computers would 'crack' some traditional cryptographic protocols. By Artur Ekert.

Research Articles

Quantum Cryptography

Quantum cryptography could well be the first application of quantum mechanics at the individual quanta level. The very fast progress in both theory and experiments over the recent years are reviewed, with emphasis on open questions and technological issues.