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Centre for Quantum Information and Foundations


Quantum Computation

Lecturer: Richard Jozsa
Michaelmas Term 2019, 16 lectures, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9am in MR13

This course will be a ‘second’ course in the subject, following the Cambridge Part II (3rd year) course Quantum Information and Computation that was introduced in the academic year 2017-2018 (cf Prerequisites below).

This course will assume a prior basic acquaintance with quantum computing, to the extent presented in the course notes for the Cambridge Part II course Quantum Information and Computation. The Part II course notes are available to download via the link below.
In particular (e.g. from some previous course you may have taken)
(i) you should be familiar with Dirac notation and basic principles of quantum mechanics, as presented in the course notes sections 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3;
(ii) you should have a basic acquaintance with quantum computation to the rough extent of the second half of the course notes, pages 47 to 86 (Chapters 6-11).
It would be very desirable for you to read this material before the start of this course.

This year the course will cover the following topics:

Review of Shor's algorithm.
Introduction to the hidden subgroup problem.
The quantum phase estimation algorithm and applications.
Amplitude amplification and applications.
Quantum simulation for local hamiltonians.
The Harrow-Hassidim-Lloyd quantum algorithm for systems of linear equations.
If time permits we may also discuss:
Introduction to Clifford operations.
Classical simulation properties of Clifford circuits (Gottesman-Knill theorem).
The Pauli based model of quantum computing (Bravyi, Smith and Smolin 2016).

Reading to complement course material

Nielsen, M. and Chuang, I., Quantum Computation and Quantum Information.
Cambridge University Press, 2000.

John Preskill's lecture notes on quantum information theory (especially chapter 6), available at

Kaye, P., Laflamme, R. and Mosca, M. An Introduction to Quantum Computing. OUP, 2007.

Example classes:
Instructor: Richard Jozsa
First example sheet class (sheet 1): Tuesday 12 Nov, 1.30-3.30pm in MR3
Second example sheet class (sheet 2): Tuesday 3 Dec, 1.30-3.30pm in MR3
Third example sheet class (sheet 3):  Tuesday 21 Jan 2020, 1.30-3.30pm in MR3.
Please hand in your solutions to sheet 3 questions 2 and 5, to Pav F room 0.10 by noon on Thursday 16th January.

I now intend to run our revision class as an online Zoom meeting, on Tuesday 12 May at 1.30pm UK time.
You do not need to have a Zoom account (or any prior acquaintance with Zoom) to join, but you'd need only to have internet access.
If you want to join this class and haven't yet received an email from me about it, please email me at for more information and instructions on how to join.
If you want to join this revision class and are unable to make the above time (for whatever reason), could you please let me know asap, but by the end of Wed 6 May at the latest.


Course materials:
All provided course materials for 2019 are downloadable from the links below.
(to be populated as the course progresses).

Updates diary:
04 Sept 2019: course webpage updated.
21 Oct 2019: Exercise Sheet 1 uploaded.
29 Oct 2019: HSP lecture notes uploaded.
09 Nov 2019: PE lecture notes and Exercise Sheet 2 uploaded.
14 Nov 2019: AmplAmpl lecture notes uploaded.
20 Nov 2019: Ham Simulation lecture notes uploaded.
25 Nov 2019: Exercise Sheet 3 uploaded.
28 Nov 2019: Third exercise class information updated (including change of date).
02 Dec 2019: HHL lecture notes uploaded.
20 Feb 2020: New day/time/place for Easter term revision class announced (as above).
01 May 2020: New arrangements for revision class announced (as above, because of coronavirus situation).




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