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Centre for Quantum Information and Foundations

Biology, Mathematics and Quantum Information:
A symposium in memory of Graeme Mitchison (1944 - 2018)

DATE: Saturday 13th April 2019
TIME: 10am to 4pm
VENUE: Room MR2 in the Centre for Mathematical Sciences (CMS), University of Cambridge


The Symposium comprised a series of short talks given by close associates and collaborators of Graeme, on topics relating to areas of his research contributions and interests, together with some short
reminiscences. The morning session was devoted to Mathematics and Quantum Information and the afternoon session to Biological Sciences. 

10am - 10.10am  Welcome and Introduction presented by Richard Durbin.

Mathematics and Quantum Information session
10.10 - 10.35 Graeme Segal (Oxford): "Conversations with Graeme about quantum theory".
10.35 - 11.00 Robert Koenig (Technical University Munich): "de Finetti theorems for symmetric quantum states".
11.00 - 11.25 Matthias Christandl (University of Copenhagen): "Gödel, Escher, Bach".
11.25 - 11.45 Coffee break
11.45 - 12.10 Aram Harrow (MIT): "Representation theory and quantum information".
12.10 - 12.35 Richard Jozsa (Cambridge): "Counterfactual quantum computation".

A series of short scientific reminiscences
12.35 to 13.00
Speakers: Mark Mitchison, Sandu Popescu, Andreas Winter, Sergii Strelchuk, Adrian Kent

Biology session
14.10 - 14.35 Suzanne McKee (Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute): "Mitchison & McKee: The Psychophysics of Stereo Matching"
14.35 - 15.00 Richard Durbin (University of Cambridge): "Patterns in neural maps and genome sequences
15.00 - 15.25 Sean Eddy (Harvard): "Probabilistic walks with Graeme
15.25 - 15.50 James Locke (Sainsbury Laboratory Cambridge University): "Noisy and dynamic patterns in plants"

We are very grateful to DAMTP and to the Cantab Capital Institute for the Mathematics of Information ( for their support. 

Slides of all the talks (except for Graeme Segal's blackboard talk) are available by clicking on the title of each talk. 

For any further enquiries please contact Richard Durbin or Richard Jozsa or Adrian Kent